Wednesday, 26 July 1995

AUC 1995 - Sue's Haircut

The car was the major beneficiary of the day's activities, with a 40000 km service and new tyres to
breath fresh life into its frame. Still, $800 well spent, given the safety margin a fully serviced vehicle offers.

Sue had her head shaved ... I mean haircut... in an effort to repair the damage she had done in trying to cut her own hair at Mount Isa. She had disappeared with the scissors and told me she was going to clean her teeth. How gullible am I ?
The hat covers the shaven head

The new style was hard to describe in words which did not give rise to open hostility between us. Suffice to say, an orange smock and bundle of pamphlets would have completed the look!

Sarah ran a fever in the afternoon, following a morning of feeling off colour, so it was off to the doctor again. Diagnosis was an infection stemming from a cut she had received the previous day, so a course of antibiotics came her way, as well.

The first of our photographs were processed and Sue got top marks for her "sunsets " at Karumba and for a myriad of other shots over the past three and a half weeks.

The evening proved interesting, with interruption following interruption, but we eventually all dropped off to sleep, in readiness for the change of camp the morning would bring.

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