Tuesday, 1 August 1995

AUC 1995 - Nitmiluk NP

The horses' birthday was spent quietly about the camp initially although there was a bit of excitement at first light when the Swedish or German female back packers emerged from their tent clad in nothing but their undies. Retelling the story over a pre-breakfast cuppa with Sue, she shared Sarah's horror on the previous afternoon when the same neighbours had left their showers naked and dressed in the open shower area!

After lunch, we all travelled into Katherine to take a phone call from the children and staff of Tambar Springs Primary and complete shopping and financial duties.

The home bodies all sounded well and we had a wonderful conversation with them. They sounded as
though they were hanging off every word and seemed to enjoy catching up with us. The really surprising thing was it didn't engender any homesickness among the youngest members of our crew, as we had thought it might. Perhaps the sound of the weather down south was enough to make them happy they were in "the Territory".

Our last afternoon was a reflective one, but rest afternoons are always handy when there is so much to see and do. We didn't pre-pack, as we had plenty of time to go a short distance the following day and there seemed little need.

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