Thursday, 31 August 1995


To quote a Bob Dylan song "... and the rains came down..."

The appearance of rain - or more correctly the sound of it - at 10:30 pm on the previous night, certainly changed our plans for the day. With a wet tent to pack and the certainty of further rain in the Flinders, it seemed pointless contemplating packing here and unpacking further north in the same conditions. Therefore, we had an extra day at Port Augusta.

Nothing outstanding or of note took place, just routine matters of school which we had left for such a time !

It rained for most of the day and in doing so, became the first day of rain we had experienced for the trip. Being our 60th day out, we had no reason for complaint. In fact, we had only one other episode of rain on the trip and that was during the night at Carnarvon Gorge NP during the first week of our trip.

Setting up in the TV room, the children worked studiously for about five hours and only finished when the Phantom of the TV Room entered and ignored their efforts at scholarship in favour of 'The Wheel of Fortune". We left as Adrienne and Baby John were engaging in the first banter of the evening.

The rain was gone by the early evening, leaving behind a cool night with a slight breeze, but inside the dome, we were snug as that oft mentioned bug.

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