Thursday, 7 September 1995

Flinders Ranges to Mt Remarkable

Mt Remarkable NP - Hawker, Quorn, Port Augusta (Highway 47 & Princes Highway) 245 kms

It was another "white" morning and with our impending departure, this had the potential to slow us down somewhat whilst we waitedfirstfor the frost to melt and then the material of the tent to dry. However, our patience was rewarded and despite the frost, we still managed to be on the road by 9:30 am.

Before leaving we took the time to speak with the Ranger on duty and pay our compliments to the staff for their assistance.

Retracing our track into the park, we drove first to Port Augusta, so we could shop and complete some more of those financial matters necessary to keep our heads above water, stomachs full and car leaping forward and devouring the kilometres. It also gave us another opportunity to enjoy more of the good value fish and chips at Barnacle Bill's. They must have liked our faces, because this time, we not only got the extra chips we wanted in trade for the two additional pieces offish, but we got the fish and an extra piece thrown in!

On the road again after storing the groceries in the trailer, we soon found our way into Mt Remarkable NP, at Mambray Creek.

Mt Remarkable NP is located in the southern Finders Ranges, as part of the long line of mountains which create the relatively narrow plain extending east from the Spencer Gulf. It takes in two sections, with the main part of the park accessed through Mambray Creek in the west or Wilmington in the north east. The other section of the park is accessed from Melrose, which is the oldest town in the Flinders Ranges. It is in this section the park's namesake is located, the 959 metre peak of Mt Remarkable.

Our camping spot was to be at Mambray Creek, which is a small site that is the starting point for the walks in the southern section of the park. A day visitor area adjoins the camping ground and provides gas barbecues and a shady picnic area for the less adventurous. The camping area is a series of camp sites dotted about a circular track. They are flat - unfortunately devoid of grass - and each site has relative seclusion from the next. An extremely modern toilet block with solar lighting and flushing toilets, but hot showers, is located at the centre of the circuit As the campground is part of a creek bed, the hills which rise high on either side give virtually complete protectionfrom the wind.

We set up and frittered the remainder of the afternoon away in relaxed pursuits, in preparation for the
walking we intended to do over the next two days.

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