Friday, 15 September 1995

Golf & Bowling

Disappointment rained down on us last night, with the failure of our video player to handle the longer and somewhat stretched tapes commercially available. Probable cause, stretched belts in the player. Oh well!

Chris and I headed to the golf course adjacent to the caravan park. A duel eighteen hole course, it is a public facility, but on this day one of the courses was booked for a pro-celebrity tournament. Writing my details into the hiring book for the sets of clubs Chris and I would be using, I noticed the name above was D Walters and the column beside, indicating the club the player belonged to, it had T Jenner written in it. Just as I was wondering on the chances of this being a coincidence, a familiar voice broke my thoughts ...

"Mrs Deane. You wouldn't have a left handed putter would you. Dougie putts left handed."

The speaker was former South Australian and Australian leg spinner, Terry Jenner, who is now a
commentator with ABC Radio and behind him was a smiling Doug Walters. Of course, I had to explain to Chris who they both were and then we were both excited !

Our 18 holes of golf was good fun, with both of us hitting enough good shots to want to do it again. I was left wishing I could have hit the ball as well at age 13 as Chris did.

Returning home, we had lunch and then all departed for town to see a science display. Unfortunately, at the exact time we arrived, the power failed and we were unable to see more than darkened rooms and static displays which were meant to be dynamic.

Leaving this disappointment, we travelled further into town and discovered a fall back option at the City Bowling Alley. Sarah struggled to keep the ball on the alley, but improved as each game went on. Sam was a revelation, bowling a ball which looked the same size as him and scoring a creditable 63 in one game. Chris couldn't understand how it happened, but recovered from the shock of having his brother beat him. Three games and a lot of laughing later, we retired our shoulders and returned to our home base in the west.

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