Wednesday, 6 September 1995

Last Day

The morning scene was a white tinted one and the only section of the tent which did not have an ice cover was the small patch above the gas stove where I had boiled the billy for our morning cuppa. When the frost had cleared, we gathered our gear and prepared to set off for another visit to the Pound and some video footage from the Wangarra Lookout.

Before leaving on our walk, Sam and Sarah spotted a wounded euro near to our tent. He was very
aggressive and had a cut on his upper rear leg. We reported him to the Ranger on duty, who arrived soon thereafter and inspected the wounded animal. It transpired the euro was an old buck who had been injured in a fight with a younger male and given his condition, the Ranger made the decision to put it down. We didn't stay to watch.

Even within a few days, additional wild flowers were on show and we enjoyed the ascent to the lookout and the view on offer. It was a walk we did not hurry and we stopped after descending from the lookout and had a light lunch by the Hills former farmhouse.

The afternoon was a typically relaxed affair, with showers and an early night the appropriate way to
complete our time at Wilpena Pound.

It had been a disappointing visit on the whole and we regretted not being able to travel to the northern end of the park, as we had originally planned. However, weather conditions had interrupted this plan and we had been restricted to the Pound.

This was a place which showed the effect of catering for the tourist as opposed to the traveller and whilst we were impressed with the rangers and their willingness to share Information, the condition of the campground was average and the walks restricted.

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