Sunday, 10 September 1995

Mambray Creek to Adelaide

Crystal Brook, Snowtown, Port Wakefield - (Princes Highway) 264 kms

Each night at Mt Remarkable had been warm and clear ... until our last night. This night was clear and cold, leading to a heavy dew which had settled on the tent by morning and helped keep us to a slower timetable. Added to this were some threatening clouds, which all combined to hold us in place until 10:00am.

Despite this, our spirits stayed high - mamly because of what lay ahead. Our changed itinerary meant gave us seven nights at Adelaide and the standard of the accommodation had everyone excited, as did the planned activities which included movies and the beach.

With heads down, we reached Adelaide by 1:00 pm, in time for lunch and were soon sitting outside
Reception. Details completed, we drove through the park to the "palace" which would be our home for the following week. There was no disappointment when me keys were turned in the door locks and the door swung open. Featuring a double ensemble bed with linen supplied, bunks for the kids, a microwave, oven, air conditioner and colour TV, the cabin would pamper us after our two and a half months of outdoor living.

The cool temperature (16 degrees) and driving westerly kept us indoors for the afternoon, but with a
television set to keep us entertained, we managed to pass the time successfully.

What bliss! A bed which wouldn't lose its comfort level over a few nights and real sheets and blankets. Our own shower and toilet, and cupboards to put our clothes in. Amazing!

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