Monday, 11 September 1995


Cloud cover and a cool breeze greeted us as we emerged from a night devoid of the sound of zippers and the need to accompany children to the toilet. It is hard to explain to non campers, but the sound of zippers is a constant companion at all stages of the day and to spend an entire night uninterrupted by the sound of first sleeping bags and then doors zipping open and closed, was nirvana.

The morning was taken with boring fare - shopping - but after lunch we jumped onto a bus and headed for the city and the movie theatres. Alighting in King William St, we walked north and then west along Hindley St in search of the theatre, but finding ourselves in increasingly seedy surroundings, we reversed direction and walked back to the Rundle St Mall.

Twenty minutes later and equipped with directions from a news stand proprietor, we were again heading west along Hindley St. Reaching our destination, we discovered we had failed to continue in the right direction on our original walk, by about thirty metres !

Our choices of movie saw a split decision as to what we would be viewing. Sarah was very keen to see Pocahontas, the latest Disney classic, whilst the rest of us were keen on Apollo 13 - although Sam had put a strong case forward for Batman Forever. Sue - being the democratic socialist she is - chose to take Sarah to her choice, whilst Sam and Chris accompanied me to see the story of man's greatest space adventure. It was an impressive piece of story telling which appeared to stick very closely to the facts and the acting of the lead characters was outstanding. There were no dramatic displays of emotion in the face of disaster. The actors displayed the sort of cool, professional and controlled reactions you would expect from such highly trained personnel.

We returned to our cabin well satisfied by our afternoon - my personal thirst for movies again sated!

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