Monday, 4 September 1995

Rest Day

The rain continued through the morning, but with no leaks, we were content to sit in shelter and pursue activities including reading, card games and calculating numbers - the latter being a particular favourite of Sam. In fact, Sam undertook some self-induced maths from his school work because he enjoyed this as a leisure activity. Every time I look at him in that light I see a halo hovering about his head !

Soon after morning tea, the weather started to break up into scattered clouds and showers to match. Strong spring sunshine caused steam to rise from the surface of the tent - punctuated by further showers - but we did not concern ourselves with this too much.

During one of the breaks, I was able to wash undies and socks and leave them on the line for additional rinses. However, the breaks became longer as did the afternoon and they were eventually dry enough to be finished by a single cycle in the antiquated dryer which was available.

It was another relaxed day, in which we didn't set any targets other than peace and quiet and this was,
indeed, the outcome.

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