Wednesday, 13 September 1995

Shopping & TV

A short drive after breakfast saw us arrive at a large shopping plaza - Sue territory - in search of new shoes for the children. The joggers they had left Tambar Springs in, were now only tattered remnants of their former selves.

Whilst she raked over the best on offer, I toured the record and book shops. I purchased Jack Pollard's History of Australian Cricket - an encyclopedia of the sport in this country, back to 1803. Apart form four volumes of written history, there is a volume devoted to the statistics of the game, compiled by Australia's champion statistician, Ross Dundas.

A short stop at a video store augmented the entertainment package for the cabin.

It was a cool 15 degrees and we again ran back to the comfort of air conditioning. We were being converted hardened campers to soft city dwellers. The highlight of the evening was the season-final of The X-Files. Although Sue, Chris and I felt extreme frustration at being left hanging until next year to reach the conclusion, it was with shredded nerves and short finger nails we went to bed.

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