Saturday, 16 September 1995

The Lost Hat

Our last day in Adelaide was as relaxed as the others, with nothing achieved of any great note, other than complete relaxation.

Highlight - or was it a low light - was the fishing trip to Henley Beach Jetty. The wind was howling, despite the clear blue skies and we set up camp at the very end of the Jetty. With rods set, the hooks starting hitting the water with reckless abandon.

Sue warned all of the children to remove their caps, lest they should be blown off and fall into the sea, some ten metres under the boards of the elevated Jetty. The final strident warning came seconds before her own hat flipped from her head and flopped onto the water below !

This sent me on a search and find mission about a kilometre up the beach, as the cap made its way under the influence of the strong wind, toward the shore. Its final path was obstructed by a beach gutter that was taking it, parallel to the shoreline. Throwing of my shoes, trousers and inhibitions, I splashed through the knee deep water and made my second hat-saving lunge of the trip.

Disgruntled and generally upset, heated words were exchanged before we all settled down again.

The children spent some time in the park playground during the afternoon and we closed the day with pizza and TV.

Our time in Adelaide had been one day of lounging after another, but it was the tonic we needed after two and a half months living the outdoor life.

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