Thursday, 17 July 2008

Longreach - Winton - McKinlay - Cloncurry (16th July) Cloncurry - Mount Isa (17th July)

Hitch tongue had come loose, requiring more delays.
Longreach - Cloncurry - Mount Isa 647(2548) kms

I wrote a lovely newsy long blog but lost it in an accident of poor concentration. Now, in my disappointment, I can't recapture all of it so you will mostly get the down side of the last few days.

Last two days have had their difficulties. The problems with my breathing in Yamba have worsened and that plus worry about the days ahead led to a panic attack as we left Longreach. Sue, as usual, was wonderful and got us both through it.

It was a long drive to Cloncurry.

Nice caravan park in Cloncurry. Nice neighbours. Sue made a splendid salad - the best I have eaten. We had decided to stay in Cloncurry until I could see a doctor. Pack up this morning went well until I discovered the hitch was loose on the trailer A frame. Mechanic spent half an hour replacing the bolts and charging me $50.

Doctor next. She diagnosed asthma (returning after fifteen years) which, in the end, was no surprise. $100 worth of puffers and $60 worth of doctor should fix it.

We had lunch in Cloncurry’s bakery. Delicious bread rolls and hot chocolate. Fuelled the car (171.9c/L) and off we went – finally - to Mount Isa, a short hop to the west. Great scenery on the way but I can't describe it again (you should have seen the first draft!).

Sue and I are both a bit low after the last few days of set backs. We will endure.

For those of you interested, we have travelled 2365kms since leaving Tamworth and the Forester is averaging 10.08 L/100kms (28 miles/gallon). I’m pretty happy with that result as the little beast is loaded and towing the trailer.

Crappy blog, but best I could raise second time around.

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