Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Birds woke us again this morning. Looks like McCartney has spread the word I like to be woken

pre-dawn by beautiful bird calls (McCartney is the blackbird who sings me awake at McRae St home). The sun rose to blue skies and what would eventually be 25C (for those shivering down south). We had slept so well in the Forester, this time with the moon roof open and the big tarp set over the campsite so there was no condensation inside the car.

We took off for the QANTAS Foundation Museum and a tour of the 747 which they have on display. It was a very informative tour, even if the guide spoke faster than Nikki Lauder used to drive. The interior of the big plane was fascinating. We got to see the black boxes (which are in fact, orange), the computer bay, the cockpit and Sue climbed inside he rear cargo bay. I took lots of photos and was pretty much in my element. We also had an hour in their excellent museum which told the story of QANTAS in a variety of ways making sure everyone gained from the experience. We would highly recommend it to those in the vicinity.

The Stockman's Hall of Fame
After squatting on their lawn and having lunch in one of the only available pieces of shade - I wanted to sit under the 747 but the staff wouldn't be in it - we went across the road to the Stockman's Hall of Fame.

Maybe it’s because we have seen it before - 13 years ago - or maybe it’s the style of presentation which relied far too heavily on written information and not enough on interactive displays, but we weren't impressed. It was cheap as these things go but left us flat. I do take particular issue with the fact that there was no mention of the role of indigenous stockman in opening up the outback - no photos, no info, nothing. For those who were with us in '95 and remembered the furore which was happening while we were here about the removal of the outside show featuring two local stockman who demonstrated the training of dogs and horses in station work, you will be interested to know that virtually the same show is running again but with different performers.

I fixed some business details in town and fuelled the Forester (164.9c/L), before returning to the caravan park to run the rule of thumb over our finances. Thanks to the “mobile as a modem” plan from Telstra, the laptop and internet via mobile reception, I'm able to keep in touch with everything. I must say, phone reception is remarkably better than it was in '95, when I carried a 2kg brick with a transponder four times as big as both our mobiles put together. Then, I was lucky to pick up dust on the cover!

Whilst I attended to business, Sue lolled about in the spa and then had a hot shower. We have a tough life!

Cloncurry tomorrow. 28C and mostly sunny.

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