Sunday, 6 July 2008


A little chilly in Yamba today and a few spots of rain into the late afternoon but spirits remained undaunted.

With Sam and Chris yet to arrive, Sue and I woke to a unit declared a parents only zone so we slept in and stumbled to the balcony for a late breakfast in sunshine which struggled at best and often flew the white flag against the persistent clouds. We played a bit of "name that tune" using Linda Ronstadt's "Simple Dreams" as the guessing material. After breakfast we walked along the pathways behind Main Beach, up to the lighthouse, down the stairs to Turner's Beach where the waves were flat an uninspiring. From there it was back through the main shopping centre.

Returning via the cardiac arresting Queen St, we spied more friendly waves - the Mandy variety this time. Just a day short of her first wedding anniversary and only about 200 metres from where she and husband Joel made promises, we caught up with them near our favourite coffee haunt and began sharing news on the way to Ager Park ... a children's playground above Lovers Point.

Lance and his crew joined us soon afterwards and photos show several of us reuniting. My favourite is of Lance's eldest John watching one of Mandy's twins Jack on the play equipment. In the frame were two cousins named for their grandfather.

As is custom, we each went our own way until the afternoon, where Lance & Jenny hosted an afternoon gathering. The evening to ourselves, Sue and I settled into ABC1's programming, notably Dr Who and "Valentine's Day", a rather pleasant comment on small Australian towns and their devotion to their footie team and the relationships which ebb and flow when daily life is bolstered by the escape of referred glory of the sporting success of others. This nearly made up for my disappointment when the local footie team failed to play their advertised home game today!

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