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17/08/08 Sydney - Adelaide - Perth - Broome

Thanks to two great mates, we have been able to fly home to be with family and then back again. When we arrived on Tuesday night, John Hildred was waiting for us and drove us all the way to Camden - via Picton because I missed the turnoff. It ended up being a late night for him. Sorry mate. This morning, Peter Quirk had the early morning task of getting us back to the airport. We stayed the previous night with the Quirks and he treated me to the Swans vs Geelong game.

About half an hour before we were due to board this morning, our plane broke so we were loaded onto the flight for Adelaide. We saw 45mins of Adelaide Airport before we took off for Perth and then two hours there before we took off for Broome. Up at 5:30am and landing in Broome at 6:00pm WA time made for a long thirteen and a half hour day in transit. Luckily for us, our friend in Broome, Sharon, had a roast dinner waiting for us, which was just the medicine.

Sue will sight-see tomorrow but not me. Time for a slow day and some re-planning of our trip to make allowance for the diversion to Sydney.

Viewing platform at the Bird
18/08/08  80(7084) kms

I was up at 6:30am to take the car in for its 25,000km service. Instead of walking back to Sharon's as planned, I walked into town and crisscrossed the business district. Everything is made from the same beige/grey colourbond sheet and all of it new within the last ten years. Must have been a cyclone. Had breakfast at a cafe - food reasonable but drinks expensive. Wandered back to Sharon's.

Sue and Sharon went sightseeing and I stayed home. I forget where they went but they didn't return until late afternoon. I did some trip planning. When the car was ready I walked to the dealer and picked it up. Feeling pretty bored and sliding down the greasy black pole by this stage so in a last ditch effort I drove out to the bird sanctuary. Nice viewing platform overlooking Roebuck Bay. Saw a Brahminy Kite ... highlight of a bleak day. Rough, red sandy road 15 km off the highway. Went home to wait for the demons.

Girls went out soon after they returned home in the afternoon to watch the sunset and something to do with the moon. Ask Sue about it. I stayed home and played with my friends. I missed a nice dinner on the beach I think. Don't care. I hate this place. Not Sharon ... she's been wonderful. Never wanted to come here for more than a night. Sue will have lots of memories, no doubt. I'll just have blackness and my Mum's death. Leave here Wednesday.

Pearl trays suspended at
Willie Creek Pearl Farm
19/08/08   76(7160) kms

The day wasn't exactly a pearl but we looked at a lot of them. Went to "Pearl Luggers" to look at a couple of pearl luggers (funny that) and read some history of the pearling industry. Had a hot chocolate at a local cafe and then travelled the 40kms out to Willie Creek Pearl Farm. Found out everything I ever wanted to know about how cultured pearls are made. Poor oysters. Big bush fires raging on the return journey.

Washed the car and trailer.

Sue and I went to the beach to watch the moon rise and form the Staircase to the Moon phenomena. Pleased I went but happier when I went to bed.

Maybe I'd better ask Sue to write up Broome.

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