Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Cape Keraudren

Broome - Sandfire Roadhouse - Pardoo Roadhouse - Kape Keraudren   460(7670) kms

We finally left Broome - I can't say I was sorry - and I regret that Sharon didn't see the best of me.

After joining the main highway south west, it was more of that remarkable flat stuff that flows on with boredom until it reaches the horizon and has a quiet laugh. If western NSW and west Qld is flat, you ain't seen nothing yet! At one stage we crossed onto a floodway on the main road, complete with flood height posts, that finished 15 minutes later. No trees, just low shrubs and grasses and a mixture of the red dirt and white limestone sand.

As we traveled toward Port Hedland, more reports filtered in that things in Port Hedland and South Hedland (where our intended accommodation was) were pretty crook. Even a text message from Mandy in Maroubra gave us a warning! The final straws were comments at the Sandfire Roadhouse from travelers and workers there.

The Sandfire is a shell of its former glory. The station and pub were burnt almost to the ground eighteen months ago. All that is left is a brick fence and the steel shade structure over the pumps, both of which show bad fire damage. The caravan park was untouched which is a pity, because it is a dump. We recorded a new low on the list of the worst toilets on tour.

Our lone campsite at Cape Keraudren
After a stop for fuel and info at the Pardoo Roadhouse, we headed out to Cape Keraudren, about 14kms from Pardoo. Beautiful spot. Unfortunately our arrival was marred by a redneck who abused me for the spot I had chosen. Very aggressive, very loud so I quietly acquiesced, much to everyone’s surprise, including mine. Our new spot on the opposite side of the small peninsular was a cracker, overlooking a bay of light blue water and white sand, bordered by red cliffs. Saw a magic sunset and an even better sunrise, but the moonrise in between was amazing.

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