Monday, 25 August 2008


Photos at sunset with Carol & John Jenner
Karijini NP – Tom Price – Paraburdoo  131(8836) kms

It was time to move again and our first hop was the 100 km to the highest town in WA, Tom Price. A town purpose built for mining, it is interesting for its civic design and of course, social problems.

Sue did the shopping and I spent time at the library refreshing blogs and answering emails. We also had a long conversation with a woman who is home schooling her kids for twelve months whilst they are on the road ... a road that will include Tibet in October. She and her husband are teachers and he has been teaching wherever they have travelled. Sue was unimpressed at my suggestion she do the same! The most notable element of this conversation was that it took place in the women's toilet at the public conveniences beside the information centre.

Stocked and some of my organisational work done, we lit out for Paraburdoo where we would meet Carol and John Jenner, former members of our church in Tamworth. One of John's other formers was Chaplain at the Calrossy School. He is working for God in Paraburdoo, through the agency of BCA and is growing a parish ministry among a difficult and different parish that needs all the gifts they both can offer and delivered with flexibility, tact but a never-the-less clear message. Hard work but they appear to us to be just the folks for the job.

We delivered a DVD howdy-doody message from St Pete's to help them know how much many of us are supporting them. Best of all, as far as Sue and I were concerned, we had a lovely evening getting to know new friends and sharing tales of our children and our ups and downs in life. It was lovely in the pre-dinner moments, as each of us excused ourselves from conversation to take or make calls to our kids, so far away in the eastern states. Before that, we had enjoyed a fabulous sunset at a little known lookout above town, ringed as we were by purple mountains.

We were grateful for their hospitality.

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