Monday, 8 September 2008

Jurien Bay

8/09/08 Geraldton – Port Denison – Jurien Bay 196(11890) kms

My birthday and thanks to the well wishers, especially Chris, Sarah & Sam, sister Jenny and Big Bad John Hildred.

We spent a few more hours at the Museum in Geraldton so we could garnish all it had to offer and then left soon after midday. What a happy stay it had been for us. We’d consider Geraldton a must see place.

The afternoon was a slow stroll down to Jurien Bay, where we dropped the trailer and arrived at Nambung NP at just the right time to view the amazing wonders which are the Pinnacles. Set on acres of rolling hills with little vegetation and lots of sand, they present for all the world like gravestones of different shapes, sizes and heights. Some were nearly three metres high whilst some were at our ankles. They should be rock if looks were the judge but they are actually old roots which have calcified and then had the majority of the soil eroded around them. Here on this rolling plain of sand, a desert came to life as the sun set over the ocean to the west. We drove among them – it’s too big an area to walk - and then stayed with them until sunset left us nearly alone in this eerie setting. Lots of photos, none of which will provide a suitable or accurate record but all of which will prove we were there. This was a highlight of the trip almost too powerful to describe, especially coming so soon after The Abrolhos Islands.

My birthday dictated a night out so we took dinner in the pub across the road. Nice.

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