Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Broken Hill – Wilcannia - Cobar 456(16062) kms

Our drive today was so reminiscent of the long stretches through western Qld - flat horizon, scrubby trees and red dirt and an unrelenting direction - somewhere between north east and east all day.

We stopped 10 km short of Wilcannia to have lunch in a roadside rest stop with a truckie taking a giant mining vehicle on his low loader to a destination near Maitland and his mate who was provide the escort. From there, it was a straight and uninterrupted run of 280kms to Cobar. Nice, easy drive and lots of goats. Wild goats apparently, although they looked pretty happy today as we passed them. Saw a few emus too.

Nice sunset.

Last day tomorrow ... sob ... sob ... sob!

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