Monday, 6 October 2008

Mambray Creek - Broken Hill

5/10/08 Port Lincoln - Whyalla - Port Augusta - Mambray Creek  394(15182) kms

We travelled to Mount Remarkable: the Mambray Creek section which is about 50 km from Port Augusta and about a 400 km hop from Port Lincoln at the bottom of the Spencer Gulf. We had intended climbing Mt Cavern the following day for its spectacular views over the gulf and then driving across to Canberra to see my brother and his family. Unfortunately, Sue's back has had enough so we have had to turn instead for home. Actually, she is homesick and the last straw was having her pyjamas stolen in Port Lincoln. Suddenly, but not surprisingly, she just wants to be home in her own bed.

6/10/08 Mambray Creek - Peterborough - Broken Hill    424(15606) kms

An interesting place and lovely old buildings. Sue dropped in to the Pro Hart Gallery for 15 minutes before it closed for the day and we drove out to look at the Living Sculptures, a series of sculptures on a hill looking back toward the city. Back to a supermarket for some groceries for tea. No time to do or see anything else.

Driving to Cobar tomorrow and then home on Wednesday. All good things they say ...

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