Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Little Further North - Bald Rock

We went a little further north during the afternoon in an uneventful day along the New England highway as far as Tenterfield and then north east on the Mount Lindsay Rd to Bald Rock NP. There were a few punters in but basically a quiet mob.

After dinner, a treat came in the small and perfectly made form of a sugar glider who rummaged about our kitchen area looking for free morsels left over by indulgent humans who care little for a fallen grain of rice. He found little worthy of his efforts but was thoroughly entertaining whether leaping from branch to chair to stove to food box or foraging on the ground. Sue snapped some fine pictures, made easy by the sugar gliders apparent complete lack of fear … caused, regrettably, by people feeding it.

We breast the border tomorrow.


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