Monday, 11 October 2010


After enjoying a hard roof and the protection it offered from 60mm of rain, it was certainly time for a sleep in and that's exactly what Sue did ... while I rose at 6:00am and did the washing!

In the morning we walked down to see the Lucinda Wharf - the largest offshore sugar facility in the world with its 5.7km wharf shooting straight out into the bay. It is a remarkable achievement, especially as it was funded entirely by the local sugar industry.

Lunch was fish and chips and the grilled barramundi was delicious. We walked as far as the parkland would take us and my knee was tanging by the time we returned to our cabin for a spot of planning. We have deliberately avoided planning for fear it would detract from our holiday but as we enter the higher usage errors such as Daintree, some strategy might be necessary.

We rounded out the day with a few quiet drinks at the local pub.

Nice day.

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