Thursday, 21 October 2010


We had the day off today. In included:
  • a sleep in
  • some internet surfing
  • a few thoughts about our remaining itinerary
  • a weather check
  • a 4km walk to town and back
  • good coffee and some writing in a local cafe
  • contact with a Rainbow Bee Eater (a June Bird)
  • writing (me)
  • reading (Sue)
  • an afternoon sleep (Sue again)
  • posting some poems and photos on my ABC site
  • dinner at Annie's Kitchen (another local cafe)
I drafted two poems. One about a mythical swimming hole which is amalgum of places we have seen across Australia and rose out of my dislike of the human cavalcade that roared through Mossman Gorge. The other was an ode to Mick Casey, our guide for the memorable Daintree River tour.

Nice to have a day writing, if only to let my brain have a rest for a few days as I've been composing these poems in my head for five or six days. We think we'll take a cruise around Hinchinbrook Island tomorrow and then back to Townsville to see our friends Jim and Judy again.

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