Sunday, 24 October 2010

Townsville Still

Another hot day in Townsville after a better night. Sue slept through most of the night and has decided to stay on the heavy duty pain killers for 24 hours in preparation for the flight(s) home.

She amanged to come out for a drive around midday, so I took her along The Strand which runs along the ocean shore and then up to the lookout on Castle Hill. She was only able to get out of the car briefly for a quick look at the view and then it was back to he bed at the caravan park. We've watched more tevelevision in the last two days than in the previous four weeks.

Its an early start in the morning with a 4:15am wake up alarm and a 5:00am check in at the airport. The sadness in the situation is just starting to set in.

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