Saturday, 23 October 2010

Sue's Bad Back - Townsville

Not wanting to break the concentration needed for the boys on opening last night, we haven't been entirely honest about why we are in Townsville.

Many of you will know that Sue has a problematic back, following an injury 15 years ago - two injuries actually. As a result, she has a lumbar disc which bulges occasionally causing her massive pain. Unfortunately, pain which had been progressively getting worse in the last week erupted into agony yesterday morning.

She somehow managed to bear the three hours it took to get to Townsville - thanks to almost an hour of delays at roadworks. The support of a doctor at Townsville Hospital confirmed the disc had bulged again and has also prescribed some high order pain killers.

The combination of panadol, nurophen and endone kicked in last night and she managed some sleep. She'll be on bed rest this weekend and some mild exercise starting tomorrow.

As a result, our trip is over and Sue will fly back to Tamworth on Monday. I will begin the long drive home the same day.

Prayers and offers of help for Sue would be greatly appreciated although our son Sam are currently house sitting for us so they will no doubt take care of most things domestic. We'll miss out on a few things this week but we have seen so many wonderful sights and met some remarkable people. As daughter Sarah has commented, it could have happened in the first week!

Qantas have been wonderful in organising Sue's flights home with wheelchairs and transfers etc ... as have friends back in Tamworth who will pick Sue up from the airport and settle her into home. Jim & Judy Parsons, ex-Tamworth friends who live here in Townsville, have been very supportive and helpful and in fact, I'll stay with them on Monday after Sue leaves.

I'm gradually getting my head around the long, lonely drive back home.

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