Saturday, 1 January 2011

A Test In Sydney - Preparations

Washing, tickets, contact details, packing, cleaning the car, cameras ... preparation day for a week in Sydney, most of it to be spent at the cricket.

This year we have lucked in to a unit virtually across the road from the SCG in Moore Park Rd and will have a three hundred metre walk to the gate each day. Chris and I will see every ball of the last Test (to be reported on The Cricket Tragics and on ABC radio New England on Tuesday morning) whilst Sue wanders about Paddington and the City and visits with Sarah and Mandy.

These days of largess and seeing every day of a test match may be winding down soon so we shall enjoy the pleasure and excitement of being part of a cross section of humanity each day. First day tickets were at a premium so we had to take what we could get and will be on the concourse, close to or among the Barmy Army. Genuinely looking forward to that as they have bought a lot of colour and entertainment to grounds this summer.

I feel like a kid standing outside Willy Wonkers factory, looking in, waiting for it to open and with a golden ticket near squashed in my hand. The greatest anticipation is rolling in with the crowd on Monday, walking in unison past the end of the Churchill stand and being assaulted by the cross checked green of the oval and the colour and the noise and being instantly 12 again and holding my Dad's hand and seeing legends names on the old scoreboard and terry towelling hats everywhere.

There's more to romance than soft girlie shapes and wine and chocolates.

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