Friday, 15 July 2011

Yamba Day 14

Slated to be our last, we talked ourselves into another and booked Saturday night as well, delaying our return to Tamworth by another day and have made the decision in booking for next year to do exactly the same.

We had two long walks today, wandered beaches, shops, headlands and breakwaters despite the showers which started at dawn. Sue scored the new dress she had admired when shopping with sister Mandy and I received undying admiration in return. Coffees here and there and gossiping like locals everywhere we went.

I may have sold an article for a feature in the Grafton paper but things are yet to be approved and as I have learned, as recently as this trip, its best not to accept a deal as closed until the fat lady has sat down exhausted.

A nothing day. We are so relaxed!

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