Monday, 4 July 2011

Yamba Day 3

Our day started in sunshine. Whilst Sue constructed the pieces of breakfast, I added Paul Kelly to the mood and went to the verandah to write.The conditions could not have been more perfect and I soon had the bones which I would later flesh out. The boys joined us for coffee and plans for the day.

Afterwards, we walked. Yamba is much the superior for donning your favourite walking shoes and heading in an aimless ramble. Somehow, two things are unavoidable - climbing a hill and coffee in the main street. This morning, we only scored the former as our walk included a visit to the physiotherapist as Sue has been experiencing neck pain for a week or more. forty minutes of close attention and strapping and she was already feeling more human. The hill was climbed in the round about fashion which allows a sneak to experience victory without cardiac confrontation and we stripped for the beach.

Much of the gang were reassembled on the foreshore. Some splashed about in the Pacific Ocean and some even swam. Unable to body surf because of her back, Sue paced across the width of Main Beach in knee deep water, refusing to become completely acquiescent to the demands her favourite place would place on her much travelled, much maligned lower lumber region. Coffee, tea and possibly Bonox were taken as sips between sarcasm at the beach side cafe.

It funny how quickly mornings become afternoons here. Once lunch had settled, Sue joined sister Rose for coffee at a nearby cafe, whilst I attended to supplies for our turn of evening's entertainment.

With all other commitments clear, Sue and I trod a well worn path to the Pacific Hotel and its commanding view of the ocean. We watched a large pod of dolphins move from Lover's Point across to Main Beach, solved the world's problems, got bored and walked home.

By 8pm, our unit was full to overflowing with conversation which started with everyone jockeying for position but soon broke into enclaves of varying intensity. 

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