Sunday, 10 July 2011

Yamba Day 8

More departures this morning, with Sam, Amy and Chris leaving for Tamworth. We had a sunny breakfast together on our balcony, enjoying bacon and eggs and reflecting on the best bits of the week. Sue's sisters Judy and Rosemary left and hour later for Brisbane, along with Judy's daughter Rachael. Their farewells were taken on Main Beach.

Parts of the day were the usual routine: the morning on the beach and drinks at sunset at the Pacific Hotel.

There was a minor drama at the beach when one of our youngest members, Jack, caught his finger between two rocks and needed some attention. He recovered soon enough after some basic first aid and a lot of advice from everyone there, most of which gathered in hubbub about him. Our number, diminished earlier, had now been bolstered by the arrival of the wind blowing through other branches of the family tree. One down side of the event may well be additional damage to my left knee, which has been twanging for months but after a short run to and from the kiosk to get ice for Jack's finger, it gave me merry hell all afternoon and kept me from the sleep I would have preferred during the night. In the last few years, my knees have made it clear that my active sporting days are well behind me, saving my eyes from further tarnishing my mediocre but proud sporting record.

By necessity it was washing day. As the unit has no clothes line except for a fairly basic mobile structure which sits on the verandah, all clothes that can be are usually tumble dried. A difficult task this year after I discovered the tumble drier was inoperable. We have been happy in this unit for eight years, because despite its now tired look, its cheap, comfortable and is located in the best position in Yamba. This year, the first under new management at the real estate agent's, there have been several things not right about the unit, with the drier being the latest. Not enough to make us want a change or to ruin the holiday - nothing like it - just annoying. Washing became a longer process but so be it.

Late in the afternoon I ventured to the main oval and watched the Yamba Buccaneers win again. I'm usually lucky enough to catch one of their games each year. They overcame a half time deficit, scoring two second half tries. I took some reasonable photos of the action but my snaps were second fiddle to spending time with Sue's brother in law Joel. We share similar interests and humour and he's always good company. A few years back we spent a couple of days playing big mecchano, constructing a shed in his back yard. Its amazing how much talk blokes can fit into a job like that.

After drinks at the pub with Sue's brother Lance, new partner Cheryl and another sister Mandy, we retired to our unit for pasta and the rather good quality ABC1 are offering on Saturday night at the moment.

So far, this has been our most relaxing Yamba trip in 16 years, despite difficulties that others have bought to the table. I guess Sue and I are just a lot happier in our own skin these days.

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