Sunday, 10 July 2011

Yamba Day 9

After an ordinary night's sleep, owing to my sore knee, Sue and I busied ourselves in different directions after breakfast. Sue went walking whilst I cleaned the kitchen, stacked the dishwasher and attended to clothes still not dry from yesterday.

By ten o'clock, we made a 30 minute detour to the beach and then gathered our things and went to the ferry terminal by the marina. After pleasantries with fellow intending travellers, we boarded Clarence River Cruises for their Sunday Jazz Cruise. It was a clear day, headed for 19 degrees and without a cloud in the sky. We spent the first part of the cruise to Iluka on the top deck, which proved a tad chilly but not unbearable but once passengers were exchanged and we headed up river, we made for the enclosed deck and the sounds of Sofalatido, today a five piece of drums, five string bass, vocals, keyboard and saxophone/clarinet. They played lots of classic pieces including Summertime and Fever but at least 40% of their work was original music. It was high quality in a fabulous setting. 

We lunched on a cheese and fruit platter prepared as we waited and quaffed a few bottles of shiraz over the course of the cruise which took us up to the Pacific Highway bridge halfway to Maclean. We sang, took photos and danced and Sue, in particular had an exceptional time.

We have often eyed off the Jazz Cruise but have always failed to take it. We are left wondering why.

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  1. Sofalatido happy you enjoyed yourself. We hope we see you again. All the best. 'Max' (vocalist)


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