Sunday, 25 September 2011

Going Down South - Day 2

With Sue and I in two different camps today, I can only get Sue to tell her story at a later date. Whilst I caught up with Dad, she is with Sarah at Dulwich Hill. I can report that Sarah slept in, Sue went for a pre-breakfast walk, they both went to the markets, Sarah spent the afternoon cooking and they both went to Sue's sister's "new house" at Maroubra in the evening. Beyond that, I'm Sergeant Shultz.

I woke to rain and was glad when I realised I didn't have to tarp the roof, which is generally my occupational hazard when camping. Dad's unit is on the second floor which would make tarping problematic. After breakfast  Dad was kind enough to drive me to Bunnings where I purchased a new camp stove to replace the one which nearly killed Sue in what is now known as "the Cessnock incident". Actually "killed" is a figment of her over active need for love, attention and sympathy but you can tell her that because even with the Dali Llama and Excalibur with me I wouldn't attempt it. Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a menopausal women, kid.

Also purchased new chocks for the trailer, so it won't roll away with us in it. I left the originals on the ground in Tamworth. I'll be interested to see if the ground has moved when I return home. There were other things but they involved someone else's mistakes.

Dad had some shopping to do as he is having important dinner guests tomorrow night. We coffeed at Michelle's.

It rained again and some more.

We had takeaway but revealing the contents won't make me any less guilty. Early night as we are back on the road tomorrow.

Weather pattern is improving as we head over to the coast, hopefully to Kiama tomorrow night.

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