Monday, 26 September 2011

Going Down South Day 3

Finally on the road for real, despite the slow start. I picked Sue up from Campbelltown Railway Station at midday after her diversion to Dulwich Hill. We headed south for Bowral and then Fitzroy Falls.

Great plans hit their first snag with the combination of roadworks and a traffic accident about twenty kms south of Campbelltown. We spent 40 minutes in the total go slow lane until we passed a burned out bus on the back of a low loader. We were slow but safe I guess.

With that further delay we gave up on Fitzroy Falls as a good wish unfulfilled  and settled on Bowral for the remainder of the afternoon. It took a bit of finding but we eventually found a place that would make a standard salad roll and allow us change from $100. Several we walked in were charging the earth and as we weren't authorised to hand it over, we chose to leave again.

After lunch, Sue went off to the Bowral Tulip Festival which by all reports was splendid, including a cup of tea and scones with the CWA ladies. I took myself to the International Cricket Hall of Fame to check out the new additions to the building.

The museum has now put most of the little bloke's stuff upstairs, leaving downstairs as a very clever combination of interactive view screens, static displays of memorabilia and large view screens. There is a large collection of cartoon drawings of famous cricketers and personalities and the theatrette was playing highlights from the IPL. There is a large curved wall with the members of the ICC Hall of Fame in huge silhouettes and the details of their achievements were on the opposite wall.

Denis Lillee's aluminium bat was there!

I watched Greg Chappell's impassioned explanation of the under arm ball and Lillee's first innings routing of England in the Centenary Test.

The changes since my last visit are embracing the non cricket lover. Previously, a reasonably good understanding of the game was need to get maximum value from your entry fee but now, someone who has lived for the entire life at the North Pole would walk through and understand what the game is about. On top of that, reception staff are friendly and helpful and certainly made my visit all that much more enjoyable with their engagement with me.

Rejoined late in the afternoon, Sue did the shopping for the next few days and then we drove the short 15 minute drive down to Moss Vale and a grassy site at the caravan park.

Damn it must be old here in winter!

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