Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Going Down South - Day 12

Slow, slow start. A rough night for me with asthma and aching bones taking away a lot of my sleep time.

We started at Chamberlain Lookout which is a beautiful spot above the small Kianinny Bay. The bay is the main launch spot for small boats from Tathra and although it is a sheltered wharf regardless of weather conditions, crews have to negotiate a narrow neck into the bay and a wild looking entrance. Down in the bay itself, the Tathra Amateur Fishing Club have established a clubhouse and a large grassed area above the near still water is complete with BBQs. Large fish cleaning stands are behind the wharf and a boat cleaning area has also been incorporated.

We went down to the beach for lunch and Sue put a testing toe in the surf ... along with the wind, we felt compelled to stay in our warm, dry clothes.

Coffee and cake, and a drive to a lookout above the beach and then home to pre pack the camp site and that's enough.

Turning for home in the morning.

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