Saturday, 29 September 2012

Mailly-Champagne to Paris

We had breakfast with three Spaniards and an Ecuadorian who currently work in Belgium as consultants on all things EU, so they had interesting work stories to tell. The breakfast part of 'bed and breakfast' was a bit bare, consisting of only baguettes and jam, served with coffee of tea. Not quite an ironman's breakfast.

We drove the sort distance to Reims (pronounced "hor-ence") to drop the car off. I had made it. Five days driving cack-handed and not an incident! The station was beside the rental car office, so it was a simple matter of taking our bags twenty metres to the station. The train got us to Paris in 45 minutes and a taxi made the last leg much easier, putting us Charles de Gaulle airport seven hours before our flight.

Oh well, at least we wouldn't miss it!

We had thought of doing some final things in Paris during the day but in the end, catching the plane home seemed like the best choice.

We fly out of Paris at 21:50 local time. I won't begin to identify how important this last few months has been for us. That will come but despite all that, we are looking forward to home. You get sick of living from suit cases and climbing stairs (often with suitcases) and you miss those things which are distinctly home. I can't wait to hug my children and tell my Dad I love him.

Most particularly, I can't wait for that first Sam Kelly mocha on Wednesday afternoon. In two months, nothing has come close.

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