Tuesday, 16 April 2013

SAA - The Great Ocean Road

Ferry at Sorrento
It took nearly an hour but Sue finally explained the painful dilemma she woke to. After a dreadfully taxing day, Sue woke to pain in her back and the knowledge that too long spent on her feet had hit her hard during the night. She lives with the knowledge that she is limited by a back that will make her pay for any lack of diligence but yesterday was not a day for protecting yourself and sitting in corners when others needed conversation and warmth and understanding.

We finally got under way after ten and stopped at the Somers General tore to consider our options. By the time tea and coffee had been consumed, we hatched a compromise plan somewhere between Sue's ignoring the problems and seeing what happened and my desire to get her back home. As a result, we pushed on to Sorrento to catch the vehicular ferry across the mouth of Port Phillip Bay to Queenscliff and the first half of the Great Ocean Road. I booked an nice cabin for us in Apollo Bay where she can recover. If not, we'll turn for home.

The ferry trip gave us both the whiff of our trips across the Irish Sea and the English Channel - amazing days.

The drive along the coast was as beautiful as the other two occasions we have driven it but in a different, late afternoon light but with the constant worry of how Sue was coping. We stopped at Lorne for a late afternoon tea and then on into Apollo Bay.

We overlook the Southern Ocean with a comfortable bed. A few days of writing and reading will be the extent of our exercise but perhaps something to refresh both of us.

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