Wednesday, 17 April 2013

South Australia in April (SAA) - The Shuddering End

Our jaunt to South Australia has come to shuddering halt before we got there, with Sue's back creating so much pain that we've had to trash our plans and instead organise to go home.

We have rented a cabin at Apollo Bay until Friday morning, when we will head off on a five day return trip, having a rest day for Sue in between three days of driving. No camping, I'm afraid, something we may have to get used to. I fear the days of using the camper trailer may be over, even though the mattress was NOT the predominant cause. Should we wish to continue on the road, we may have to make the step into Grey Nomadary and purchase a small canvas and shell pop top van.

Sue is devastated but as usual, finding positives.

For instance ... we'll have clean clothes because I've just done the washing; we've saved money on an air fare (more than offset by cabin tariffs); and the list of impossible positives wedge into days of grimace will no doubt continue. She's a trouper but feeling a little betrayed by her back.

The weather is clearing and the air is fresh and clean and the sun came up this morning. One only has to reflect back a few days to realise how lucky we are.

There are some new shots available on the photos page, so make sure you investigate them.

Sue managed an outing to the shops this afternoon for forgettable coffee and memorable disservice. Still, it was better than walking up the short stretch of bitumen between cabins at the park.

Two outstanding features of the park in town were the carved wooden sculptures which were dotted about the place and one of my favourite Australian songwriters, Kevin Bennett. KB was sitting reading the daily papers in the sunshine.

There is definite improvement in Sue's back and her mood.

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