Friday, 11 July 2014

Yamba 2014 - Day 10

We both sleep well and long. It seemed warmer during the night and we have settled into the rhythm of this new life and new accommodation. Our late breakfast was taken in the sunshine.

Mid morning we drove into Yamba - Sue was unable to ride the bike with the onset of a mad swimmers head cold. Parking at Pippis Cafe, we walked out to and circumnavigated Lover's Point in delightful winter sunshine and the usual blustery breeze which seems to blow only there. There was lots to see in the colourful rock pools and yet another few examples of the teepees built from ocean debris which appear all the rage this year. One was so elaborate that it had a stone table and chairs. On Convent beach, a small crayfish lay abandoned by a retreating tide, fascinating the children who had gone their to splash and be excited by the cold water of the Pacific and the warm hearts of doting parents. The rock platform below Ritz St held more colours and critters a the tide gradually filled the cracks and crevices.

Up the ramp from Main Beach, we enjoyed at coffee at Pippis Cafe and then return to our digs and a BBQ lunch with Mandy's family.

Late into the afternoon, we returned to town for more of the chocolate decadence of Lattitude 29, before Sue went shopping and I went up the hill to the Pacific Hotel and some editing. It was the final instalment and the completion of an entry form as I submitted a play to the Playwriting Australia hoping for a place in a program to workshop it and brush it into stage quality.

Sue joined me for sunset drinks and afterward, we met the near full moon on the beach as the high tide rolled in. I had some fun with the low exposure, low light tricks photography courses had taught me, shooting the two of us in three poses in the one 30' photo. Afterwards, we dined at Sassafras on gluten free pizza.

I went home to write an application for arts funding of the Postcode Poets. Sue went home to snore.

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