Thursday, 3 July 2014

Yamba 2014 - Day 3

For one reason or another, sleeping hasn't been peaceful since we arrived at Yamba but that was cured last
night. Not surprisingly, there was more spring in our step today.

Leaving our digs in the morning, we didn't return until after dark: me sooner than Sue.

In between, we had a farewell coffee with the Richardsons in the village before heading to Main Beach. Sue swam and entertained our nephew in a rock hopping walk and I wrote a poem. Sue's brother in law Joel and I solved most of Australia's political woes in the half hour available to us.

We left Main Beach in time for a delightful lunch with Ingrid and Tim Wheeler and their mothers. These friends from home had been our guests last Saturday at son Sam's wedding and have long been people who's company we enjoy. The wedding and their recent trip to Europe were the main topics of conversation and were accompanied with some excellent photos.

Oh dear, soup for me tonight.
With Sue's back needing a walk, we excused ourselves and drove up to the lighthouse where we walked around the headland and took in the excellent views below the lighthouse.

As the sun began to duck and take its warmth elsewhere, we made for the Pacific Hotel and sunset drinks, curtailed as it turned out by Sue being summoned to the Mexican restaurant for familial cocktails with her sisters. Hence, I returned to our digs after sunset and sooner than Sue.

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