Monday, 7 July 2014

Yamba 2014 - Days 5, 6 & 7

The music cruise.
Sometimes things aren't as good as you remember them.

For instance, for the previous three years we have enjoyed good times on the Sunday Music Cruise conducted by Clarence River Ferries. A four hour slow cruise to the Harwood Bridge and back, to the soundtrack of live music, a steady supply of reasonably priced and reasonably selected red wine, a hearty cheese platter and good company. Well ... that was three years ago when the music was a five piece jazz band, the grog wasn't in small one glass bottles of no-name brands and the food and wine was available and cheap.

We had the chance to go to the horse races in Grafton with family but turned it up. Philosophically, I might have done anyway but the lure of memory was to much ... and too skewed by previous drinking!

It was a disaster. Same musicians ... well singers ... the musicians were all in a box ... but the set list was designed for the bus load of oldies who boarded at Yamba Wharf. We supplied our own food owing to my dietary requirements and the grog was so bad, Sue drank white! Sue tried to get people dancing but it was always an optimistic attempt as getting people dancing who hardly move was too big an ask.

The company was boring and loud and drunk, just to cap it off.

Oh well!

I went back to the van with a headache which sent me to bed for thirteen hours.

More of the beach routine today and then back home after lunch in town and the discovery of a new crack in the windscreen which was replaced less than three week ago.

The evening was spent with Sue's sister and her niece and nephew, playing Monopoly.

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