Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Day 33 - Travelling

After yesterday, this was a very ordinary day of travelling.

Reluctantly left KI on the 11:30am ferry. Highlight was reversing the rig between two trucks on the ferry with about six inches to spare either side, with an assembled crowd of other drivers watching and giving me the gee up. Smacked in first go. All those months reversing box trailer with short draw bars when I was learning to drive pays off in such circumstances. The trip across the Backstairs Passage was rougher than the first crossing and the hill out of Cape Jervis steep but we made it into Victor Harbour for lunch.

Sue stocked up the supplies and I got ripped off in a local cafe. Asking for a bottle of water, I was sold a Woolworths select brand for $3.90 which costs $1.17 in Woolies next door. 350% markup for walking next door and on selling a retail item is a bit stiff. I'm not even sure its legal. AJ's Central Cafe for anyone interested in giving it patronage.

I was lazy and followed the GPS, which meant we did more kilometres than we should. Instead of skirting Lake Alexandria, our route took us up to Mount Barker and then down the South Eastern Freeway. Arguable as to whether it was faster but it certainly was longer. Stopped at Tailem Bend so Sue could stretch her back and bought a name brand, purchased by the cafe there wholesale, for $3.20. Hmmm.

Subsequently, we arrived at the Parkna Point on the Coorong just after 6:00pm. The designated camping areas had no toilets, so we ignored the "no camping past this point" sign and went on up to the picnic area on the point and set up in the parking area, overlooking the waters of the Coorong. We were the only residents so tough luck for the rules. Nice sunset but millions of bugs which invaded even through the mesh windows of the van, attracted by light, so we had an early night.

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