Saturday, 25 October 2014

Day 37 & 38 - Melbourne

We spent the day with friends Markus and Virginia Richardson, whom we met at Tambar Springs … although, in truth, we met Markus before that in Armidale. Sue and I happened to be at the cathedral in Armidale when he spoke for the first time as a young clergyman.

Things have moved on since then.

There is great comfort in the company of people you trust, especially when so much of their journey has been travelled in parallel. They are both people of immense integrity, warmth and wit. We just loved being able to swap stories of our adult kids, life and frankly, drinking wine and laughing the nights away.

When I hug Markus, I always feel I am falling into a place of great safety and Sue and Ginny are the best of friends.

Such events are the luxury of travelling and bridging miles which seek to penetrate close links.

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