Monday, 9 February 2015

Tassie Will Have To Wait

Just so you know ... we all shake our heads in disbelief when someone runs amok, often fueled by drugs, but its the additional costs that many of us don't think about.

Sure, I'm grateful not to be worse off as a result of my car being damaged on Saturday by an allegedly unlicensed driver who was apparently high on ice. This morning, we are counting the additional costs. Our two month trip to Tasmania (part of a longer twelve months on the road), which was to start tomorrow, is now delayed until November. Our overall trip will be delayed by about six weeks as the car repairs are attended to. Horrific dreams which haunted me 15 years ago when I was so unwell, returned on Saturday night and now I'm fighting a circumstance induced depressive episode. The police now tell me I might have to make a court appearance in a few months, another complication to our plans to travel and a threat to my mood state because of the stress involved. I want to see the driver convicted but the likelyhood of being back in therapy and having to take more meds is already worrying me.

All of which sounds like a terrific whinge but its okay, we'll roll with the punches like we always do and make the best of things. Resilience is about learning to change your reactions to those circumstances you can't change. We're pretty good at that, mainly through practice.

However, imagine just a slightly altered line of his vehicle and I might be in hospital or worse. At least one other during this prolonged incident wasn't so lucky and like me, others have damaged vehicles ...

... and all because some grubby little oink is making money selling crap to desperate people to feed their addictions. Before we rage in righteous indignation at the driver, just remember, the mongrel who got him started and then sold him the drugs gets off scott-free.

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