Saturday, 14 February 2015

The One Day Tour - Day 4

Sunrise at Seaview
I tried really hard to be positive about camping at Mount Seaview. I believe the motel accommodation is three star and the lady at reception is really nice, so don't let that be a reflection on my opinion of the camping grounds ...

Last night's leak was identified quickly in the light of dawn - a perished rubber seal above the rear window. Sue tells me this morning others have warned her about this feature of Avan's ... she just didn't tell me ...

The climb out of Mount Seaview was steep but uneventful ... the Forester handling it with comfort.

It was a dull day really. We drove straight to Bonny Hills, expecting plenty of accommodation at the Big 4. We were wrong and picked up one of the last spots in the park and were informed we couldn't book a site for the next few weeks while the car is repaired. Slight panic. Upset husband. Tense set up ... but an improvement on my previous life. At least I could explain I was upset and ask for space to recover and at least Sue could understand that and give me the space I needed. Grown up stuff, really.

Lunch and the internet solved our problems. Three nights here and then off to Nambucca Heads until March 6th. Not ideal but better than being at home.

During the afternoon, we cured a few problems at Bunnings and then Woolworths and then with products bought from both. The leak was fixed with a sealant until it leaks again. Ever tried to use a sealant without a caulking gun? My thumb may never recover. Then came the problem of how to seal the open tube of sealant? A condom proved than answer (best not to ask). Woolworths supplied the grog.

Day gave way to evening and contact with sons and Facebook with daughter. The sons had the advantage in that their mother wasn't drunk earlier in the evening.

My day reveals once again an enhanced ability to roll with the vagaries of life and shrug one's shoulders as though I was an extra in a stereotypical French sitcom. It may be wisdom but most likely its this misplaced application of alcohol.

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