Sunday, 15 February 2015

The One Day Tour - Day 5

The difference with this tour - now officially named "The One Day Tour" (you sort out the meaning ... there's one for all of you) - is the extra time we have to waste on just enjoying days.

The morning was office work (boring) and repairs to the leak which had threatened us at Mount Seaview but the afternoon became a lovely walk along the short coastal walk that goes from Rainbow Beach and up through a small pocket of rainforest that follows a gully down to the small beach named for a local. There on a rock was a moving tribute, written on a plaque, to a loved one who had loved the sea and spent his life seeking a feed from it. A little further on, we were suddenly in a stand of paper barks and remnant rainforest, watching a metre high waterfall trickle into a pool which emptied along a line under the wooden bridge we were standing on and listening to a pair of Whip birds.

The Fat Fish supplied us with hot drinks and a naughty bowl of hot chips ... don't tell anyone.

We returned long enough for Sue to change into swimmers and then it was back to the beach for her to commune while I negotiated to meet up with old mates over the next few days. With one appointment made and anticipating my mate Conno's company, I had to pull the pin because of what appeared to be, approaching rain. Conno assured me it would go around but I, lacking faith in a local's knowledge, demurred in case I was needed to back up my repairs.

It didn't rain.


We rounded out the day listening to poetry ... Banjo, read by Karm Gllespie ... and CJ Dennis read by Jack Thompson. "Her name's Doreen ..."

PS It finally rained at 9:00pm. There was no leak.

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