Saturday, 7 February 2015

There Will Be A Slight Delay ...

It's a while since I've had bad luck so I guess I'm not used to it.
It could have been worse

This happened just after five o'clock this afternoon as I returned from a final run to the tip before going away. A guy in a stolen trayback passed me on the passenger side - undertaking I think they call it - smashed the passenger side of my car at high speed and kept on going. I had just exited a one land round about when it happened. All four passenger side panels are damaged but I wasn't, aprt from being shaken up.

The police have caught the guy and tell me that mine was the first of a series of offences which will be sending the driver for a tax payer funded holiday for a long time ... quite apart from stealing the car near Newcastle this morning. 

Looks like our trip will be delayed four to six weeks, just three days before we left. Monday morning will be an assessment by the car repairer and phone calls to see if we can change our booking for the boat trip across to Tassie until later in the year. In the short term, we might use the hire car that GIO will provide and go to the coast until the car is ready.

Grateful I wasn't hurt. Cars can be fixed. We're fine, just a bit rattled.

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