Saturday, 21 February 2015

TOD Tour, Day 11 - Wild Weather

Trying to keep things dry is a popular theme, sooner or later, of any long camping trip.

On our third day of rain, we again did our best to find things to do and to keep towels dry and the inside of the van dry. Tarping the roof has cured the leak but its only a temporary fix. Before we start chalking up the longer distances of this trip, the van will have to go in  for repairs. Its another set back but such is life. I don't fancy pulling out tarps every time it rains. Been there, done that and not going back there again.

We read the morning away as the rain just continued the way it had through the entire night. Nothing heavy ... just three or four mm/hour and enough to make being outside uncomfortable.

A late morning coffee and a conversation with fellow travellers - Neil and Judy - changed the pattern and gave us an outing. They are tent refugees hiding from the rain on a small cabin at the same caravan park. They are on a slow road to Warrnambool to make a new home there after leaving the Gold Coast. Back home for a quick lunch and then Sue and I divided our activities. While I wandered about the beaches taking photos of the weather, Sue visited the local museum. I pulled some reasonable photos and she had a long conversation with the chap Brian Connolly had suggested we speak with about her father's time at Newey Creek, in the late 1940's.

Before we continued to split the afternoon - Sue to see a movie and me to write - we had a quick drink at the Vee Wall Tavern, watching the Nambucca zoom out through the heads. Sue loves the view but I've seen car parks before.

As we arrived at the cinema, a 4WD rolled in front of us, ending up on its side, straddling the medium strip. About a million young guys were on the scene immediately - all chooks with their heads chopped off heroes. We could see the driver moving and people calling emergency services so we didn't add to the crowd, most of whom had their smart phones out taking photos.

Another long, slow day but who cares.

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