Sunday, 8 March 2015

TOD Tour, Day 26 - Bellingen to Red Rock

Its not often you wake to someone saying "is that all the hay we've got?"

Camping at Bellingen Showground on a Saturday night, means waking on a Sunday morning to a horse event for younger riders. Apart from the question about hay, the first few sounds we heard as we cleared the sleep from our eyes were whinnying of horses. By the time we emerged from our little home, we were surrounded!

Before leaving Bellingen, we stopped at Fuller's Fruit Barn on the edge of town for bags of fruit ... real ones, not cheap suits from clothing stores advertised by footballers.

Driving through Coffs Harbour to Sapphire Beach, we met up with a bloke I hadn't seen since 1974. Barry McCulloch was one of the Port Hacking HS class of 74 and in recent years we have been back in touch through Facebook. He's always been a dedicated man of the sea: his earliest memories are of holding on to his mother's back as she body surfed at Cronulla. He was a nipper on Cronulla Beach and spent many hours surfing breaks right through school years. It was a habit which never left him and he can still be found out the back waiting for a wave along his favourite breaks on the NSW north coast. When he isn't paddling or looping down the wall of a big wave, he has developed another creative habit behind the lens of a camera and is gradually making it into a business rising from pleasure. Check out his wonderful view of the natural world by going to Oceanbaz Video and Stills Production.

Baz McCulloch and me
at Moonee Beach
It was a wonderful afternoon catching up on the years and finding so many common threads which ran through our lives. Sue was generous enough to make us lunch as we perched on the grass behind Moonee Beach and give us time and space to talk.

By the time we left Coles at Moonee Beach, it was too late to head off into a National Park bush setting, so we opted for a caravan park at Red Rock.

The late afternoon was highlighted by a huge storm which threatened and delivered a lot of rain but less than coastal areas south and north of us. It proved to be a good test of my repairs to the leaking rear window. In the main, the rained stayed on the outside.

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