Friday, 13 March 2015

TOD Tour, Day 31 - Minnie Water to Ashby

There was no hurry, despite it being a moving day, as our hope would only be 100kms to Ashby and an overnight with Lance and Cheryl Gibbens (Sue's brother). Besides, our site was so exquisite that a departure after lunch would afford us some more time to enjoy it.

Reading and walking filled in the morning ... and re-inflating a flat tyre.

With a shower approaching, we finally left around 12:30pm and made our way to Ulmara, bypassing Grafton and then on to Maclean for lunch, shopping and to have the slow leak repaired.

Once at "The Squeaky Gate Retreat" - the B&B Lance and Cheryl own and run on Ashby Island, we settled in and enjoyed catching up. The evening was spent over dinner with the addition of Lance's old school chum Robert "Hack" Werring and the writer, Laurie Salzler, who has published three novels and now lives at The Squeaky Gate as she works on her fourth. The dinner conversation was lively and thoroughly enjoyable.

We eventually retreated to van to the sound of Hack's powder blue, vintage Mini Minor panel van booming out of the drive.

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