Saturday, 14 March 2015

TOD Tour, Day 32 - Ashby to Yamba

If yesterday's hop had been short, today's was hardly a warm up for the engine.

We moved from Squeaky Gate mid morning after long conversations with our hosts and drove to Yamba, by leaving Ashby and crossing Warregah and Chatsworth Islands and then when back on the Pacific Highway for a few kilometres to cross the Clarence and turn towards Yamba. It was less than thirty kms.

Arriving in Yamba just before lunch, we first went Lattitude 29, one of our three favourite cafes - each in the spotlight for different reasons - for a mocha and hot chocolate. Pure indulgence!

Lunch was spent in the Avan, parked beside Pippi Beach and watch parasurfers get airborne in the fresh south easterly wind.

Screen shot from my Stargazer App
We booked in to our accommodation - Yamba Waters Caravan Park - mid afternoon and then went back into town to let the day dissipate around us over a a few red wines at Pippis Cafe (another of those favourite three). Here we observed Venus in the fading sky and a quick check of my Stargazer app showed a rather rare alignment of celestial bodies.

The traditional first evening at Yamba meal of fish and chips was obtained from Wattos. They now serve a gluten-free fish and chips and we attended this with a garden salad.

TV ... bed.

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