Friday, 20 March 2015

TOD Tour, Days 34-38 - Yamba

When there's not When there is not much to say, why say it?
Giving it the Doobie Bros treatment
and taking it to the stre

A week back on almost home ground, given the 22 years we have been coming here. Displaced by a few months and with less family, it was a week to fix a few problems but still manage to enjoy one of our favourite places.

There were problems to resolve.

The poor performance of the fridge on 12V had become a concern so an auto electrician was consulted. Mark Donovan, a one man business, proved to be a lucky pick from the phone book. Not only did he diagnose the problem but he also gave me several choices for a fix. We opted fr the obvious and replaced the motion sensor switch which cuts the 12V current to the fridge when the van is stationary, hence preventing the car battery from being depleted. Not only were the repairs carried out well and with friendly service but Mark also put me onto Terry of Yamba Caravan Centre. Terry fixed the leak above the back window.

Thanks to good information from Sue's brother Lance, we secured the services of a signwriter and finally delivered on our promise to advertise this blog to drivers trailing us and also promote my poetry.

The other major task was to secure accommodation until after Easter. As we are heading into a school holiday period, it meant we had to be organised ahead of time.

This is hard work but we are happy to
sacrifice ourselves on your behalf.
Apart from those tasks, we managed to enjoy the week with bike rides, coffees, sundowners at the Pacific Hotel and some nice times with Sue's sister Rose, who was in Yamba on a working holiday. Sue had a hair cut and I didn't. There was a very quiet poetry gig at the caravan park, some rain, lots of sunshine and phone calls from our children making sure we were behaving ourselves. I swam several times in the ocean, where the sharks live but survived with all my limbs and no fatal bleeds. Sue caught a wave and her back survived.

One thing is clear: resigning has been wonderful for her bad back.

Special thanks to our hosts, Dawn and John at Yamba Waters Holiday Park, for their enthusiastic support of the poetry gig. This place is the rare combination of great service, excellent facilities and extremely reasonable rates ... big ensuite sites for just $35 is as good as it gets, especially in a tourist mecha like Yamba. We'd highly recommend it. 

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